About Us


Water FX Unlimited, INC. has been designing and building some of the world’s most elaborate custom pools, spas, home theaters, and state of the art water features since 1999. We strive to create backyard paradises that enable our clients to experience not just relaxation but an entirely new lifestyle. From start to finish, Water FX Unlimited makes it our main priority to fully meet both the visions and the needs of our clients. To guarantee this, meticulous and detail oriented documentation is done throughout the project until completion for quality assurance of all our clients.


With an extensive background in engineering, owner and CEO, Michael Petroccione, uses his knowledge and expertise to combine both his love of building and innovating to create projects that are absolutely breathtaking. Water FX Unlimited works alongside with arguably some of the most talented designers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and programmers who all share a passion for their work. With our team, whether you are dreaming of transforming your backyard into your own private lagoon or your living room den or outside patio into a fully automated indoor or outdoor home theater, Water FX Unlimited can turn these dreams into a reality!



For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact us through the email below: